Need Help Setting Up Your Christmas Lights? Let Westchester Home Management Help You

Need Help Setting Up Your Christmas Lights? Let Westchester Home Management Help You

Christmas is a wonderful time of year where you can celebrate your achievements of the past year, spend time with friends and family, and prepare for the new year. Westchester Home Management is a property management company that offers winter and holiday services in Westchester, Putnam, and Fairfield Counties. Learn about the benefits of Christmas light installation, and contact us for help setting up your Christmas lights today!


Custom Light Displays

When you partner with professional Christmas light installers, they will take the unique aspects of your home and craft a beautiful custom light display you'll love.



Every year around 5800 people fall from ladders or their roofs as they try to install Christmas lights around their home. Let the professionals keep you safe with our Christmas light decoration services.


Saves You Time

Admittedly, installing Christmas lights can be time consuming, especially if you only do it once a year. With professional Christmas light installation services offered by Westchester Home Management, we can make your Westchester, Putnam, and Fairfield County home shine brightly in no time at all.


Handle the Takedown

Putting up Christmas lights can be fun, but taking them down is really a chore and can be harder and take longer. Professional Christmas light installers will take down your lights and store them as well, freeing up space in your storage area for other items you use more frequently.


Christmas lights make your home bright and full of cheer, but they can be difficult to set up. Let our professionals handle your Christmas light installation and make your home beautiful this coming Christmas. Our property management company offers a myriad of winter and holiday services throughout Westchester, Putnam, and Fairfield Counties. Call Westminster Home Management today!

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